Orders and returns

The order will be accepted provided that the Form has been properly filled in and the payment has been made following the payment procedure.

Payments can be made through bank tranver or credit/debit card.

eCard.pl supports payment by credit & debit cards on behalf of the store.

The acceptance of every order to be carried out will be confirmed by electronic mail.

We do not accept orders placed by phone.

We reserve the right to change secondary features of the goods (in particular their external appearance). The published photos are only examples and the sent remote control may have a different description and arrangement of buttons.

In extraordinary cases if it is necessary to import a remote control or a significant change in the features of the product (except for external appearance) or its availability occurs, we will notify the Client thereof and ask him/her to confirm the order.

We do our best to update the range of our Shop’s products but it may happen that a given item is temporarily unavailable. Then the order may be cancelled and the payment will be returned.

Within 14 days following the date of the parcel receipt the Client has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale and return the goods without stating the reason. However, the goods may not show traces of having been used (that also applies to the manufacturer’s packaging) and must be suitable for further sale.

The payment for the goods (including shipping cost) will be returned immediately upon the receipt of the remote control in a manner agreed with the Client.

In case of payment by credit/debit card, the refund will be made in the form of crediting the card account with the appropriate amount through eCard service.


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